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Our five top tips for lampshades

First things first, there is no such thing as the wrong shade.

If you love it – it’s the right shade.

Experimenting with lampshades in new colours, shapes and sizes is the perfect way to instantly update your home.

1. Think about how you are planning to use the shade.

Will this be a table lamp, floor lamps, or pendant lamp.

Are you looking for focus, ambient or decorative lighting?

2. Consider the style and shape.

Mirroring the base is a good place to start.

Using an interesting or unusual lampshade is the perfect way to create a truly stunning looking piece.

We say be bold, make a statement!

3. Choosing the fabric and finish.

Our golden rule here is to compliment, a busy lamp base will generally look better with a nice plain shade, whilst a simple base gives you the chance to experiment. Be bold with one but not both.

With so many beautiful fabrics and patterns available, this is the really exciting part.

4. Final details.

Diffusers, trims, fringes, tassels, beadwork, nothing is impossible.

5. And most of all enjoy!

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