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To Blend In or Be Bold?

Lampshades are art forms; it’s no secret. Like paintings, they play the leading role in some rooms whilst remaining supporting actors in others. The question is; should you have a lampshade that blends in seamlessly or a bold centerpiece which hijacks attention? The skillful combination of fabrics, colours, shapes and occasionally trimmings can serve to create lampshades that suit either purpose.

Statement lampshades hold the power of propaganda posters. Glorious chandeliers demand to be danced beneath. Tasselled, oval reading lamps invite you to curl up with a book between the cushions of an armchair. After all, statements are made to be felt.

Statement lampshades offer advantages. They don’t need to fit stylistically with the rest of the room. Lampshades can be bold and daring in choices of materials, shape, size and style.

When considering materials; do the unexpected. We have created light pieces out of beads, capiz shells and glass to mention a few. Equally, a fabric lampshade can be enhanced with the addition of trimmings, feathers and other embellishments.

The marriage of glass and fringes in the Rothschild Bickers shades (to the left) proves that two dissimilar materials can be bound together to create captivating lampshades.

Opulent Optic Glass Pendants with Fringe

For a lampshade to avoid standing out for the wrong reasons, it’s generally best for the shade to conform to the colour scheme but to be daring in the other aspects. To the right, for example, the geometric design on the shades contrast with the natural, flowing, art piece behind while the colour scheme is consistent.

In contrast, a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral colour scheme or design can inject interest.

On the other hand, sometimes a lamp is required which fits a room’s style. Perhaps there is already a striking piece of art or furniture. In this case you may use a lampshade to highlight a colour within. An equally eye catching lamp would act as a distraction to the existing composition. Your space, as a result, would feel cluttered; the beauty of both would be diminished.

Here, the bedside lamps echo the rug’s yellow borders and provide a dash of colour but do not diverge from the colour pallete.

The ceiling shade complements the blue and gold of the wallpaper without overpowering it.

Simplicity and continuity in a space are also reasons to choose a lampshade which conforms to the overall scheme of the room. An office space is an example of this.

At the Bespoke Boutique, we suggest you style your room around a lamp. After all, a room without light is simply a space. It’s importance, therefore, should not be underestimated.

We love a lampshade that turns heads but also see beauty in a shade that is willing to share the limelight.

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