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Opposites attract.

Lighting not only makes or breaks the ambiance of a room but can also make a very strong style statement. It isn’t just an accessory but actually gives your room its identity.

At The Bespoke Boutique we relish new challenges and when our client asked for something different for her new loft we jumped at the opportunity!

With copper being very on trend, we opted to design and produce metal lampshades for the new space, giving us the opportunity to combine our love of mixing materials and textures.

Using perforated copper, which formed beautiful projections of light, coupled with hand woven bespoke silk fringe for an opulent finish, we created the perfect ambience for the small staircase leading to the loft and the results were stunning.

In the bathroom we created a dramatic perforated metal drum shade, powder coated in pewter, which reflected light beautifully across the neutral walls complimenting the gorgeous encaustic shower tiles magnificently.

We can further adapt these designs by using different metals or powder coating in an array colour to suit your choice. Different fringes and trimmings can be produced making a totally bespoke lamp for any space in your home.

Please contact us for further information.

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