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Our Top Picks from Decorex 2018

Decorex International is an annual high end interior design product exhibition in London. Exhibitors include glass blowers, fabric connoisseurs and illustrators among other creative brands. Despite being overwhelmed by the beauty of hundreds of products and the passion of their makers, I have formed a short list of brands well worth watching.

1. Pigmentti- Artisan Decoration

Providing a window into the process of specialist artisan decorators, Pigmentti’s exhibition stand was a demonstration to behold. Pigmentti even provided seating; they knew we wouldn’t be able to look away. What a great opportunity to watch artistry up close! Check their stunning work at

2. Genevieve Bennett

Genevieve Bennett’s newest screen collection is fabricated from sculpted Italian leather and etched brass. Whilst maintaining elegance and fresh contemporary style, the patterns emerge from the boards in style. This London based designer won me over with this piece. Find out more at

4. Whiteworks

A collection with a story; Whiteworks had their new JET range on show. After having found her grandmothers 1930s/1940s style designs four years ago in an old chest of drawers, it’s understandable why Suzanna White and her partner John had to form a collection using them. My favourite design is Patchwork-Velvet (above) which has also been replicated in an alternate colourway. Their collection can be seen here:


Eva Sonaike, who spent her youth between Germany and West Africa, explains her designs involve ‘a melange’ of both cultures. The lack of African styles represented in the UK interior design world drove Sonaike to create a brand that showcases this wealth.

Her work embodies the mixing of traditional and contemporary designs and she explains that her work gives those who love travel the opportunity to bring ‘a little bit of that part of the world to their homes’.

Eva has, and continues to work with The Bespoke Boutique for her iconic lamps, one of which can be seen in the photo above. Complete collection of Eva Sonaike's stunning prints and products can be found here:

6. Curiousa & Curiousa

Curiousa and Curiousa’s spectacular Large Ume lanterns could not be missed at Decorex. Like floral jellyfish, these lanterns stole the attention of anyone who came near. Also on show, a wondrous six drop glass blown chandelier as part of their new ‘The Fabio’ collection. The Fabio collection was made in collaboration with expert Fabio Fornasier, with the use of authentic Murano glass. To see this and other collections visit

7. Future Heritage - Jie Wu

Every year Decorex showcase the work of a few talented but less well known artists.

Find out more about Future Heritage

Jie Wu, who has recently graduated from the Royal College of Art was one of these artists. She aims to create a ‘dialogue between natural and the man made’ through her captivating miniature boxes made from rosewood and resin.

8. Future Heritage - Jochen Holz

Also presented at future heritage was Jochen Holz, a glassblower based in East London. His neon lights are made with borosilicate glass tubing and are filled with noble gasses, creating a warm haze, unmatched by plastic neon comparates. These edgy lights would make any room look cool.

Follow his great designs at

9. Dupenny

Dupenny’s work is unlike anything else found at Decorex. This illustrator from Brighton offers a collection of sophisticated retro wallpaper and fabric designs with a quirky comedic quality. On the walls of her stand, Dupenny placed ‘office etiquette’, a wallpaper that made me stop and smile.

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