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The Beauty of Vintage Fabrics

Nostalgia offers momentary escapism. There’s a certain comfort in finding pieces of the past slipped between cracks in the present. In these moments we want to grip on tight, not so tight that we’re stuck in the past, but tight enough to revel in the feelings warm memories give us. Materials can even make us wistful for a place or time we haven't experienced. A pair of platform heels may send a millennial teen back to the heady days of 1970’s Glam Rock. A flowing, floral dress promises the freedom of 1960’s Woodstock. Using thought provoking fabrics in our living spaces weaves emotional stimulation into our daily lives, making us feel good.

At The Bespoke Boutique we see vintage fabrics as a way of making our living spaces meaningful. Sourcing fabrics originating from different eras and locations means each finished lampshade has an individual history and soul. The concept of having a lampshade whose fabric has lived its own life before arriving in your living space is simply exciting whether you know its story or not. Perhaps this fabric may be cut from a Japanese kimono or a sari worn by a mother attending her daughter’s wedding 50 years ago. What’s more, vintage fabrics by definition are limited edition; they are no longer manufactured. Using a vintage fabric, therefore, injects a sense of purpose and individuality into your living space.

1950s Vintage Kimono fabric, from a personal collection

1950s Vintage Kimono sourced online for our personal collection, made into a pendant light.

Vlisco Java Vintage range

A vintage fabric lamp shade can be the finishing touch to a period design for a room. Perhaps you’d like to encapsulate the 1920s American Jazz Age, using a polka dot fabric, adding tassels to the base of the shade to reflect true flapper style. A find in a vintage shop can transform your room into 1950s’ promise. It can be tough to create the style you desire sourcing only from the high street. Looking specifically for a vintage piece will mean that you won’t need to settle for a look-alike, your room will look true to your ideal.

Vintage fabrics can also draw cultures together. Travelling enables us to engage with fashion and traditions that differ from our own. Letting our travels influence our homes is a way of bringing our journeys and the people you’ve met into daily life; allowing experiences we’ve had to continue to influence us and not be forgotten.

Vlisco Java Vintage range

In a world where we’re all viewing similar content online, our everyday inspiration grows from the same motifs. For sure, conforming to current styles has its appeal. It’s a low risk way of achieving tasteful rooms. However, this can put originality at stake. So, if you have the opportunity to make your living space unique, even by adding one vintage installation, which draws eyes, history, soul and motion to your home, why not?​

1940s Meisen Kimono fabric (Pinterest)

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