Bespoke .vs. Off the Shelf

In the battle between personalised and ready-made, we know where our hearts lie.

Power lies in the aesthetics of a room. The power to make you feel light when you wake up in the morning, to feel cosy when you go to bed, or to make friends and family feel at ease when enjoying your hospitality. Lighting and lampshades lie at the heart of this power, pulling the room together, adjusting its tone. Like a suit, the fit is essential. An ill-fitting suit would make a mockery of its wearer, so why let the interior of your home sell you short?

A bespoke lampshade will complement your room in the precision of its shape, size, style and colour. Collaborating with the maker, you won’t have to settle for anything less than the room deserves. You can pick a fabric of your choice. Perhaps you’d like a vintage design or maybe, opt for a minimalistic look such as, a light block colour with graphic lines. If preferred, you could use a fabric you already own, possibly from a dress, curtains or cloth. By upcycling used fabrics, stunning designs that may otherwise have been forgotten can have a new lease of life; a material which holds significance can be part of our everyday life, not consigned to the attic.

Professional guidance is available to help you choose the shade which best suits your space. This advice ​​isn’t limited to the lampshade itself but also to the base, bulb and electrical fitting. Afterwards you will have a product personal to you.

Iconic items can also be bought straight off the shelf. There’s no denying the beauty of a teal, tasselled ‘Oriel’ lamp shade with a William Morris Blackthorn design (House of Hackney), an elegant Duck Feet Lamp with a feather shade (Porta Romana) or our own unique floral vintage Kimono Figura lamp.

Products bought off the shelf are also more readily available.

Therefore, if you are pressed for time, buying a ready-made product offers immediacy. Additionally, off the shelf lamp shades are available in a wide price range meaning that products can be picked to suit a budget. However, it takes a skilled eye to identify

the lampshade that best matches the room. The beauty of a lampshade can be lost if placed ​

​on the wrong base or in unsuitable surroundings.

We at The Bespoke Boutique believe that owning a handmade lampshade, which reflects your individual taste and the skill of the crafter is an investment worth making. The journey itself can be as enjoyable as the outcome.

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Maja Djordjic the inspiration behind the business is passionate about creating beautiful lighting. No lampshade is the same, from a classic and vintage design to one with a modern, contemporary twist.  

"We see the transformation as a truly exciting and inspirational experience".​

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