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In a world where we are trying to reduce our footprint we are increasingly seeing efforts to re use and recycle. Great blogs and websites like Upcycle That, Reloved and pinterest and new magazines such as Reclaimed, that has just launched, are dedicated to help show you how. So anyone struggling for ideas has so much out there to inspire them.

The Bespoke Boutique have been working on up cycled projects for years now but we are definitely seeing an influx in interest with our customers to recyle, reclaim and re love.

Not only is it good for the environment and good for your pocket to re-use but we find that it also gives both the customer and us, the designer/maker, huge satisfaction to re create something stylish from something that may have been found, forgotten about or broken.

An old chandelier can breathe beauty into a room again with the addition of colourful silk shades or a 70’s lamp base can be cleaned up and given a second life with a new shade in a vibrant silk, a vintage print or a material with an interesting texture. Add a bold coloured fabric cord to really breathe life back into it.

Boot sales and charity shops are full of disused table lamp bases and floor lamps. Why not empower your creative side and talk to us about up-cycling some lighting for your home?

“Invest in lampshades, not in lamps. I can take a lamp from Christie’s or Crate & Barrel and make it look glorious. Use old saris, pieces of antique Chines paper, box-pleated silk- anything you find attractive can be made into a lampshade.”


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