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The Bespoke Boutique

Some days I really do love my job, and this is one of them. Heading up to North London for the day to see the newly built home studio of Maja & Karyn from The Bespoke Boutique. Even the driving rain on this Autumn Wednesday morning can’t dampen my spirits as I walk into the light, airy but warm space that they have created for their designer lighting business.

Sumptuous silks surround me and colourful, bold prints from around the world light up the white walls.

Metal work and vintage lamp bases make this room even more interesting. It has taken almost 6 weeks to build and renovate the studio that now gives them a base to design, print, make, upcycle and showcase their work to customers and interior designers

Today Maja is creating a huge silk shade for a private client and Karyn is planning their stand for the forthcoming Made in Clerkenwell exhibition. It’s a really busy time for them.

I’m here to see the new collections: Bambino Sorbet, African Kaleidoscope and the mood boards and colour palettes for the soon to be launched children’s collection.

What really fascinates me is the amount of work that goes into creating these collections: the print designs, fabric sourcing, metal work and hand sewing makes me want to go home and take down every light that I own and never set foot in Habitat again ( sorry Sir Terence!) They truly are works of art.

I have firm favorites in this collection as I own a Kimono figura lamp. It’s a one off, no one else will ever have one like it, just me. Made from a vintage length of Japanese kimono silk I can only imagine what this beautiful piece of exotic silk has seen before it landed in my living room.

But today I’m rather struck by the African Kaleidoscope collection. Maja and Karyn have sourced bold African patterns in brightly coloured wax cloths and developed them into 10 limited edition table lamps. The beauty of The Bespoke Boutique is that if non of these 10 stunning lamps fit the clients colour scheme then the duo can source a fabric that will. This collection is confident with an eye popping palette and would really work against plain walls in living spaces, hallways or bedrooms.

In contrast the Bambino Sorbet pieces are subtle and luxurious. The powder coated metal structured base matched perfectly with the handmade silk shades is soft and calming in a bedroom or snug.

The brightly coloured children’s collection looks really fun and evolves around a playful fairground and circus theme. Launching in November.

If you like inspiring design, rich and varied colour palettes and unique patterns as well as investing in pieces that are handmade with detail and perfection then The Bespoke Boutique is definitely worth looking into. You can see the full collection at .

Showing at Made in Clerkenwell, London 26th-28th November

Helen Shortall

Giggy PR

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